Now, It’s amazing time!



Since the Company’s formation, we have been strictly adhered to all safety policies and procedures. We adhere to our safety coordinator to ensure that every project is safe. For Viethands team, safety is non-negotiable.




For Viethands team, we know that to build up a strong and long-term business partnership, the key is truthfulness and honesty. We have been building a strong partnership with our clients and business partners, which enables us to maintain the highest quality of service and create a win win spirit of collaboration from inside the company to outside world.




We have experience and expertise to give our client the best solution for your event. We bring our expertise and experience to work for your event. We are striving to be the leaderin this field as a event management companies.



teamwork-300x296TEAM WORK

We believe that talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.